Music at Dulwich Prep London

Music is a fundamental part of life at Dulwich Prep, with an emphasis on enjoyment at all levels throughout the school. Class music is taught by specialists from the Nursery onwards, and we have excellent resources for performance, classroom teaching and instrumental tuition.

Over 700 individual music lessons are taught each week by a team of 40 highly qualified visiting music staff, and we have over 20 performing ensembles which afford every boy in the school an opportunity to be involved in group music making and school concerts.

The Music School is housed in purpose-built accommodation, including the recent addition of a fully-equipped music technology studio with iMacs, and we regularly perform in other venues such as Southwark Cathedral.

Our boys have an outstanding record of receiving music scholarships and awards to a range of senior schools.

Have a look at, and listen to, the film below to get a feel for the variety of music made by our boys.

Click here to watch the longer version of this film.