Lower School: Years 3 and 4

In the Lower School the boys accelerate on their journey towards greater independence and self-organisation.

The class teacher looks after the boys pastorally and teaches most subjects. The classroom is the secure base from which the boys branch out and experience more of the wide range of opportunities and resources the school has to offer with specialist sports, music, computing and language teachers and facilities.

Whilst the timetable remains focused on Maths and English we identify and develop individual interests. The atmosphere buzzes with a stimulating and boy-friendly curriculum, complete with exciting trips and events.

Life in the Lower School is purposeful and the day varied. Boys may be found writing a script ready to film, edit and present, or carrying out a science investigation. You might come across the Lower School String Orchestra in rehearsal, a rugby practice in full flow, a boy curled up with a book in The Realm, our magical library, or engaged in a lively philosophical debate. 

Years 3 and 4 are often the years in which each boy’s real strengths inside and outside the classroom come to the fore; we support and encourage them in this process.