Girls in Early Years

Whilst Dulwich Prep London is essentially a boy’s school we do have a few places for girls in our Nursery.

All our teaching is focused on the needs of the individual child, whether they are a girl or a boy. We take an holistic approach to their development and work closely with them to enable them to fulfil their potential, whether they stay with us until the age of 13, like the boys, or leave us after one or two years, like the girls.

That said, we understand that there are some respects in which girls learn in a different way to boys. We therefore organise activities that allow girls to display their creative and fine-motor skills – such as producing colourful art work or making patterns with beads and pegs – and we also challenge them to be brave, confident and express themselves in whole class discussions, if they have the potential.

In many cases, our girls sit assessments for their next school in the first term, or at the beginning of their second term. We therefore start preparing them to show off their true capabilities from the moment they arrive. Our track record in helping girls gain entry to local girls or co-ed schools such as JAPS, Alleyn’s and Herne Hill speaks for itself.