The School Day

7.30am      Breakfast Opens

8.00am      Pre-Prep Early Club* and Early Years’ Rainbow Club* begin
                  Lower, Middle and Upper School pupils arrive at school

8.10am      Breakfast Closes

8.15am      Registration for Middle and Upper School

8.25am      Pre-Prep Pupils arrive at school
                  Registration for Lower School

8.45am      Registration for Pre-Prep

9.00am      Registration for Early Years

10.00am    Break for Early Years and Lower School

10.30am    Break for Years 1 & 2 and 5 - 8

12.00 noon
until         Lunch varies by Section and day

3.05pm     End of school for Early Years

3.15pm     Early Years’ Rainbow Club* begins

3.30pm     End of school for Pre-Prep

3.45pm     Pre-Prep After School Club* begins

3.55pm     End of school for Lower, Middle and Upper School

4.00pm     Clubs** and Prep Classes* begin for Lower, Middle and Upper

5.00pm     Clubs**, Prep Classes*, Pre-Prep After School Club* and Rainbow Club* end
                 Day Boarding* begins

and        Day Boarding* ends (6.15pm and 6.30pm for Early Years and Year 1 pupils)

* These sessions form part of our Before and After School Care system
** The majority of Pre-Prep and Lower School clubs take place during the school day