In Years 7 and 8 as part of the school’s Creative Programme we offer both a beginners and advanced Robotics course.  We use the latest technology with Lego’s EV3 Education robotics kits in conjunction with the school’s ICT provision to deliver a fast-paced insight into this exciting field.  The focus is twofold – mechanical design and computer programming, where boys learn to combine these seamlessly through pupil-led tutorials, culminating in a final project of entirely their own design.  Final projects include building a robo-glove for military applications and a robot to compete in our very own ‘robot wars’.

The school also offers a highly popular Robotics Club for Years 5 and 6 which provides the opportunity for the boys to create their own autonomous vehicles incorporating ultrasonic, touch and light sensors.  The limit to what the boys can achieve in Robotics is ultimately determined by the depths of their imagination.