Our Staff

At Dulwich Prep London we believe that ‘great teachers make great learners’ and as a result we have a staff that is open-minded, curious and ready to nurture a vibrant learning environment. Beyond the expected academic qualifications is a rich source of talent and experience; what stands out at The Prep is the desire to share this with children, parents and colleagues, underpinned by the knowledge that a collaborative approach to education is needed. Our staff are involved in Continuing Professional Development, which might involve training for whole school initiatives, going on ‘Learning Walks’ around the school, taking part in a Lesson Study or going on to seek further formal academic qualifications. As part of this commitment to teacher education we are members of the Teacher Development Trust, which supports schools focused on innovation and evidence-based learning. In addition, we work with initial Teacher Training institutions such as St Mary’s University, Twickenham and The Cambridge Partnership to develop new teachers and help keep abreast of recent research and pedagogy.