Dulwich Prep London runs a huge number of co-curricular clubs and activities each week - there were almost 150 clubs last year!  All pupils and staff members from Year 1 upwards are encouraged to participate.  Some are by invitation only, such as musical groups or sports squads but the vast majority are open to any interested pupil.

In Years 1– 4, most clubs run during the school day. From Year 5 onwards, a number of clubs run from 4.00 – 5.00pm. 

There is usually no additional charge for clubs unless an external instructor is used, for example Karate, Fencing, Rock Climbing or Gymnastics.

The range of activities is huge and reflects links to many areas of the curriculum. They may be derived from staff interests and expertise, but are also reflective of pupil or parental interests. Co-curricular activities are extremely well supported by pupils